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Promoting  Health and Safety

At PG2, we consider our employees as our most valued asset. We're committed to providing our employees, contractors, and clients alike with a safe and healthy workplace. We have set HSE annual objectives that ultimately aim towards our goal of No Harm to people, property, and the environment. We actively participate in ISNetworld and our personnel go through extensive HSE training targeted to their specific project and the client needs, including Well Control Training, SafeLand, IADC Rig Pass, and others.

Our Safety Guarantee

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We set high safety expectations for each employee, contractor, and business partner. Each employee takes personal responsibility for keeping his or her colleagues and other associates safe. We do this by enforcing all of the following HSE safety standards:

• We Reinforce Our HSE Culture By Demonstrating Commitment To the HSE Program
• Implement and Ensure Compliance With the Company's HSE Program
• Oversee Personal Protective Equipment Selection and Availability, As Well As Tool and Equipment Maintenance
• Ensure Employees Receive Training, Are Familiar With Governing Laws and Regulations, and Are Aware Of Risks and Negative Environmental Impacts Associated With Their Tasks
• Investigate All Incidents, Accidents, and Near Misses
• Identify and Implement Root Cause Analysis Along With Necessary Corrective and Preventative Measures
• Share Best Practices and Lessons Learned
• Ensure HSE Is an Agenda Item At All Meetings and Given Equal Importance To Other Operational Items
• Provide Feedback and Recognition To Employees Who Positively Contribute To Reducing HSE Risks