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Energy Transactions

Energy Transactions

We broker and facilitate sales of conventional and unconventional oil and gas assets including:  Oil and gas wells, pipeline gathering system, royalties, and mineral rights.
We provide Oil and Gas Valuation, Reserves Analysisand Due Diligence assistance.
What We Do
  • Identify prospective sellers andcollect property data onsite
  • Protect property data with confidentiality agreements
  • Evaluate and package each producing property for marketing
  • Identify and qualify prospective buyers, provide them with the data package and facilitate their due                 diligence process
  • Coordinateprivate negotiated sales instead of impersonal online auctions
  • Facilitate throughout the due diligence and closing process

 Additional Services Upon Request:

  • Provide comprehensive engineering, geological, and financial data package for each property
  • Provide due diligence for environmental and operational conditions with the assistance of technical               firms on specialized engineering, reserve analysis, and geological support
  • Comprehensive financial analysis